We believe in leveraging young talent and giving them freedom and empowerment to create exciting technology. To achieve this, we maintain access to one of the world’s largest youth talent pools in Pakistan, where almost 60% of the total population is a passionate young talent. As a result, we have been able to mentor, coach and guide these young minds to create exciting new innovations.

We execute our passion for innovation in two ways:

We offer IoT & digital innovation labs, research and incubation centres to bring young talent, fresh ideas and multiple IoT contributors to our customers through one platform that is dedicated to capacity & competence building and deliver outcomes. We engage students, fresh graduates & young professionals to engage with latest IoT technologies, industrial IoT trends and strive to make our contribution for our customers business success, but also towards the society.

We closely work with incubation centres to coach and mentor start-ups in growing their business. This gives us access to exciting new business ideas that solve real and practical problems of the society. Our ambition is to help prosper such ideas, give them exposure in the markets where they can thrive and connect them to our partners and customers to create new opportunities for all.

While we have seen start-ups and their passion to bring their innovation to scale, we have also seen our customers and partners struggling to create new business and ideas to sustain in the current digital dynamics.

Our ability to introduce start-ups to potential investors, customers and partners opens up a new dimensions for everyone to grow, modernise and scale new business. Some of such arenas where we can help are:


Test before you invest in start-ups through proof of concepts and trials.


Showcase modern start-ups at your events to create buzz.


Acquire start-ups of your choice, control their roadmap and create a new category for your business.

We can help our customers and partners to reinvent themselves through modern start-up scene.